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The Powerstone
5G router


The Powerstone router was designed for popular UK mobile network, Three.


Three presented the challenge; the future of the router, made possible with 5G.


The Powerstone is designed for the UK gaming community. It is an entertainment router that lets users stream popular gaming networks directly to their television or computer monitor. The trend of entertainment routers started a few years ago with routers that could stream services such as Netflix directly to a television.


Video gaming is becoming completely cloud based. There is no a need for video game discs as games can be downloaded and played from the cloud. This means that there is no need for a physical unit like an Xbox, there is only the need for a handset. This shift in technology means the Powerstone is naturally the next step in gaming hardware.

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How does the Powerstone work?

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All devices can be connected to the router to connect to 5G.

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Through the app, the router settings can be set, including 'quiet times' for specific devices.

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The user can pay additional subscription to connect their router to popular gaming serviced.

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The user must connect each Bluetooth handset to their router, just like existing games consoles.

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The user must connect to their online gaming account - either Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox.

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The user can stream this service directly to their television or computer monitor.

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5G routers don’t have to be connected to a phone line like the routers we see in houses today, and so 5G routers can be wireless. Taking advantage of this and the architecture of gaming realms, the Powerstone router can levitate.


There are electro magnets in each half of the router that are strong enough to lift a kilo of weight up to 25mm. This is an ideal distance because 25mm is within range of modern wireless charging capabilities, and so the levitating stone can be powered at all times.


Electro magnets generate a lot of heat, so there are key cooling fans in each piece to channel air.

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