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London Cycles


Communal public cycling, inclusive to families with young children. Promoting the environment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


The existing Santander Cycle scheme was designed to be ‘one size fits all’, and as result, the design actually suits very few users. The scheme is great for those adults who are comfortable in their own ability, however turns its back on communities isolated from cycling as a result of social, financial, and physical restrictions.


Focusing on the user groups isolated from the scheme creates an outcome more inclusive for all.

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Tandem Connection

Tandems are perfect for encouraging cycling, especially where someone might lack the  confidence to cycle on their own in urban and busy environments.


This concept allows 2 bikes to be connected in the same way children’s ‘tow bikes’ can be hitched up and pulled by their parents.


The connection process is smooth and simple with the use of 2 sliding arms. They simply extend back and lock to the fork of the bike that they are towing. When not in use, the towing arms are stored with the use of spring loaded ball bearings.

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Inspiration comes from a spinning bike. This concept has a choice of 11 saddle heights, each has a position of 25mm apart. An adjustable saddle can benefit movement and relieve pressure from the waist and below.

It is important for the handlebars to raise to relieve pressure on the lower back. Using spring loaded ball bearings, the handlebars have 3 pre-set positions. Each spaced by 40mm.


The steep angle of the seat post was inspiring by cruiser bikes. It promotes a much more comfortable position relieves stress upon the soldiers. It also widens the range of height adjustment.

A shallow angle of attack of the form improves the bike’s agility, making the bike easier to handle in busy urban areas.

Pedals positioned further in front of the saddle massively relives pressure on the hips and knees, making the easier to ride for anyone with dexterity issues below the waist.

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